Tri-ang Minic Motorway

1st Catalogue
And 1961 Railway Modeller leaflet

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courtesy Dave White

There was no exclusive catalogue on the launch of Minic Motorways in 1961. These pages were included in the 1961 Tri-ang MINIC models 14 page Catalogue which included other ranges under the MINIC banner, Ships, Vehicles and Novelty Items.
  Interestingly the original sets were also available with one vehicle  
  Interestingly this page shows the Scale as 1:80 even though the description says 'same Scale as Tri-ang Railways'  
  Apparently the Embankment pieces were made from Lime wood

Railway Modeller 1961 two page leaflet, stating 'The greatest Introduction since electric Model Railways' and 'Prepare for some exciting announcements early in 1962 of accessories and components which will be common to both systems, thus tying them up even closer together.'